Our T-Series is a SCADA solution specifically designed for solar farms with any type of solar tracking system with or without battery storage option. Although the system can be implemented using conventional wired network, we are specialized in utilizing one of the proven industrial wireless solutions such as hi-speed 2.4GHz (e.g. wifi, Zigbee) and long-range sub-1GHz (e.g. LoRa) delivering highly cost competitive solution overcoming any challenging system and/or site constraints.
For this product, we have three simple design goals: reliable tracker control/monitoring/event logging, uninterrupted remote data acquisition, and all-remote device maintenance/firmware upgrade or troubleshooting.

  • T-Single Plus (WSC-PRO050718-S01)

    All-in-one Stand alone Product with Cloud Connectivity
  • Indoor or Outdoor (IP65) Install Package
  • Safety Interlocks for Motor Controls
  • OTA (Over the Air) Features
    • Remote Data Logging
    • Alarm/Fault Detection
    • System Upgrade or Reboot
    • Up-to-date Cyber Security Dispatch
  • Redundancy
    • (Primary-Secondary) Network, Power Configuration
    • Wired and Wireless Ethernet and 3G/4G Backup Cell Network
    • Cross Diagnostics with Recipes for Auto Fail-over Switching and Recovery
  • Platform-neutral HMI
    • Supports Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, and any modern Web browsers
  • Sensors (OPTIONAL)
    • Meteorological devices: Irradiance, temperature, wind speed, and etc. 
    • Motion: Video Camera, Human/animal detection, Inclinometer
    • Other: Speaker, Mic, Vibration, etc.
  • Battery Backup (OPTIONAL)


  • 1-on-1 direct connection
  • Outdoor rated control box with touch panel (7-inch)
  • Provides all alarm information and full control capability (e.g. mode change & etc)
  • Optional: wireless indoor version

  • Multiple tracker control and monitoring
  • Wireless mesh communication
  • Control room (Indoor) install; industrial touch panel PC (7/10/15-inch)
  • HMI also supports Windows and Linux OS for installation on PC
  • Provides the tracker total screen (tracker list) for group operation (e.g. selected block to stow position)
  • Operator can also select individual tracker for control and alarm ACK
  • Optional: HMI for mobile (Android, iOS) and web browsers

T-Single/-Multi Plus
  • SCADA for fully integrated PV system
  • Supports control and/or monitoring for all major components:
    • PV string or optimizer DC output
    • Inverter efficiency and (combined) DC input and AC output
    • Battery or other ESS monitoring (e.g. SOC, temperature, and etc)
    • Breaker status & Security system
  • Provides customization service adapting unique site design and equipment selection
    (employing RAC or PLC per requirements or compliance)


System Components:
  • Common Facts
    • ​Indoor Rated​
    • Factory Default (Any Customization EXCLUDED)
    • ​No PSU or Power Adapter Included​
    • Requires 12~24V DC Power Supply
  • ​W.gate Touch
    • Panel PC
      • 3-in-1
        • Gateway (Data Aggregator), HMI Server and Client
        • 7-inch Industrial Touch LCD (bigger screen options available; 10/15-inch)
    • Outdoor ​Support
      • Designed to attached to ​the front door of ​IP65 panels
      • Provides rubber sealing around the edge and mounting brackets
    • S/W: ​flatOS for ​T-Series
    • Interface
      • Serial: RS485
        • ​Supports 1-on-1 direct Wired communication
        • Does not require W.node device for wireless
      • RJ45 Ethernet
      • No Wireless
        • Requires Janus-1 for wireless communication
      • ​3 USB Ports (Reserved)​
      • Additional RS232C and I2C Ports (Reserved)
    • Application Notes
      • Can be used for single target equipment (e.g. Tracker, inverter, group of connected sensors, and etc.) 
    • Janus-1
      • ​External Wireless Transmitter
      • Only Required by W.gate Touch in wireless communication mode
  • ​W.gate Standard
    • ​2-in-1
      • Gateway and HMI Server
      • Customer's smart devices can be HMI client (e.g., Smart phones, Tablets, Desktop PC)
      • Cross-platform Support: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, ChromeOS
    • S/W: flatOS for ​T-Series
    • Interface
      • RJ45 Ethernet​
      • ​Wireless (Zigbee​)
      • ​4 USB Ports (Reserved) ​
  • ​W.gate Micro
    • Gateway
      • ​Only Monitoring and Data Collection; Not for Control
    • ​S/W: flatOS for ​T-Series
    • ​Interface
      • RJ45 Ethernet
      • Wireless​ (Zigbee)
      • 1 (Micro) USB Port (Reserved)
  • ​W.node
    • ​Wireless Node Device​
      • Zigbee Wireless Mesh
    • ​Interface
      • Wireless (Zigbee​)
      • Coverage: 100-feet (urban area), 400-feet (line of sight)​
      • ​4 GPIOs (Reserved)​
    • ​Application Notes
      • Requires 1 for each target equipment
      • Small footprint; typically goes inside of the controller box​ or near-by ​panel​s close to the target equipment
Kit Products:
  • All-in-One
    • Components (​Assembled Panel​)
      • (1) ​W.gate Touch (Pre-configured)
      • (1) Janus-1
      • (2) Antenna (2.4 GHz)
      • ​(1) Ethernet Cable​
      • ​(1) ​PSU (Input: 120~250V AC; Output: 12V DC)​​
      • (​1)​ Circuit breaker
      • ​(1) Enclosure (IP65)
      • ​​(1) W.node
    • ​​Interface
      • ​Serial: RS485 (for wired connection)
      • RJ45 Ethernet
      • Wireless
        • ​​​Zigbee
        • WiFi
    • ​Installation: Simple 3-step:
      1. Connect W.node to tracker
      2. Install/place the panel within wireless range
      3. Power W.gate Touch​ (120~250V AC); Done.
  • ​Minimalist
    • ​Components​
      • (1) W.gate
      • (1) Antenna (2.4 GHz)
      • (1) Ethernet Cable
      • ​(1) Power Adapter (Input: 120V AC; Output: 12V DC)
      • ​(1) W.node
    • ​Interface
      • Serial: RS485
      • RJ45 Ethernet
      • Wireless
      • Zigbee
      • WiFi​
    • ​Installation:
      1. Connect W.node to tracker
      2. Install/place w-gate within wireless range
      3. Power W.gate
      4. Access W.gate's HMI Server​ using a PC or smart device
Related Service Offerings:
  • Scope
    • Wired/wireless Network, Protocol, and Topology Design
    • Programming Communication Sockets and Drivers for Customer Selected Equipment
      ​(e.g. Inverter, Tracker, Meter, Battery, and etc.)
    • Customizing HMI​ ​Program


  • Home Menu (click for bigger image)
  • Tracker Menu
  • Inverter Menu
  • Battery Menu
  • Chart Menu
  • Alarm Menu


In future upgrade, T-Series will be connected to the 'PV-1 Solution,' our award-winning cloud-based machine learning engine for advanced analytics.