We lead Technical Due Diligence of many projects since 2007 and analyzed and validated both general and technical factors affecting the productivity of the power stations. Since 2011 we have supervised the completion of construction and continue to provide supervision of the O&M activities. Since PV power plant management practices are still emerging and evolving, our experience in managing a very large facility in multiple states in the U.S. can provide critical insight to the actual risks and opportunities involved in the operations as well as their impact on return on investment. While we prefer providing our O&M service suite in turn-key form, we also can provide each component as in smaller Solution Package (SP).


Solar Pp (Power Potential), or with different names, is nothing new but the answer everyone asks for solar: how much more energy/money it could generate if everything is in perfect condition under this weather? Interestingly, everybody is crystal clear about this question part, but not many can provide straightforward answer excusing it is not simple.
The main challenge is something to do with fair evaluating degradation effects of partial malfunctions or unavailability. e.g. soiling on the solar module, wrong-facing solar trackers, overheated inverters' self energy curtailment, and etc. To answer, it requires sufficient knowledge combined with experience and massive data points to process that some people call, Big Data.
WSC's Pp toolkit has designed for a simple goal: to provide straightforward answer how well solar asset should have performed, and, of course, in real-time. We believe all the great things are simple.


One of the most common issues with PV plants is the presence of rodents and other feral animal, such as hog, and their negative effect on cables and other mechanical parts' integrity. A group of innovative engineers and non-engineers(!) worked together spending few thousands man-hours, and we tried many both aggressive and defensive methods over a year.

A typical group of feral hogs in a solar farm

Feral hog damage on hydraulic hoses of tracker

We learned that an effective solution at one site is not guaranteed to work in other sites. Instead of claiming we have a silver bullet, we provide our service in workflow finding solution with systematic steps of:
  • Identifying problem (e.g., species, frequency)
  • Assessing the impact in terms of safety and production
  • Design/implementing a system to monitor the target's activity on site
  • Proposing both immediate and long-term solutions
  • Regular site visit and improvement status update