WSC has years of small to utility scale solar PV plants design, operation, and asset management. For owners, investors, and O&M contractors, we built our solar performance analytics toolkit to provide few key critical insights such as opportunity cost and optimal money spending. We will never say enough: 
It's not about reducing your maintenance cost. 
It is all about increasing the efficiency of your cost for returns.


WSC's engineers are experts in designing and programming stand alone or networked PLC-based controls and HMI systems. We have the necessary training to design/develop and program a number of manufacturer’s platforms including Allen-Bradley, Siemens, and others. WSC is experienced in Allen-Bradley’s complete line of programmable controllers including ControlLogix and GuardLogix. HMI Programming experiences spans multiple industries and software that includes FactoryTalk, PanelView, Wonderware, and others.
  • PLC Controls Upgrades
    • HMI – New Systems
    • Upgrade and Retrofit Integration
    • Network Reschedule & Upgrade

  • Applications
    • Continuous Process Systems
    • Material Handling
    • Packaging Machine Control


We provide enterprise-grade connectivity for Industrial IoT with most suitable protocols for target application.
While there are many options available, WSC focuses on using ZigBee, WiFi-mesh, and the Sub-GHz contender LoRa (915Mhz in the US), whose stability have proven in millions of deployment for industry applications. Each wireless platform has unique characteristics bring own strength and weakness at the same time.

Comparing with others, LoRa is limited in terms of data throughput which is in reality much lower than 250 Kbps, however, WiFi and ZigBee ranges are too limiting, and cellular is too expensive and power-hungry. While others can be used as primary for near realtime communication, LoRa can be a comparative secondary (direct-line) communication channel for valuable asset tracking. As you know, data size for key critical information is not necessarily video-streamingly large.

Unlike other players in the market, we have hands-on field implementation experience implementing 20,000+ end devices and few thousands of gateways for the last 5 years, saving multi-million dollars over conventional wired solutions.

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